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Walking in Kelso

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Towards Floors Castle and Back

Leaving the Square by Roxburgh Street, heading towards Floors Castle, most of the buildings have been refurbished, particularly at shop front level. On the right hand side is a narrow lane through to the back of the Cross Keys Hotel and the Red Lion Inn which was built in 1905. Further up is Union Street which leads through to Bowmont Street and the Public Library. It is a very fine building, dating from 1904, which has the Carnegie wrought-iron lamp archway as the entrance and the 'Let There be Light' motto carved over the doorway. Back on Roxburgh Street, just above Union Street, is the Ragged School Forge, formerly an industrial school for the children of the poor, where the young people were taught trade skills and eventually introduced to employment. Almost opposite is the entrance to Chalkheugh Terrace, which runs behind the Royal British Legion building before rejoining Roxburgh Street opposite Kelso North Church, which was formerly known as St John's, and above Kelso Bus Station.

Opposite the church there are steps down to the riverside walk known as The Cobby. This will take you: up river to an exit close to Floors Castle gates; down river, to the foot of Mill Wynd and the Square. On the opposite bank of the Tweed is the Point to Point Course, and the Junction Pool. The entrance to Floors Castle, for those on foot, is through a fine pair of gates; for those in wheeled transport, the entrance is about a mile away up the Edinburgh Road and left towards St Boswells, following the 'Duke's Dyke', the high wall round the estate, which was built by French prisoners of war from the Napoleonic War.

Ice Rink

Kelso North Church

Junction Pool

Turning left will take you up the Edinburgh Road past Croft Park and on towards the roundabout which leads to Queen's House, the Golf Course and the Ice Rink, turning right down Bowmont Street will take you back to the town. On the left down Bowmont Street, you will come, first, to Kelso High School. Just past the school is Poynder Place, leading to Kelso Rugby Club, Kelso Tennis Club and, next to it, Kelso Bowling Club. Opposite the Bowling Club is Kelso Evangelical Church. The road to the left at the next junction is Inch Road which leads to Kelso Swimming Pool, Edenside Primary School, Kelso Hospital and Kelso Health Centre, before, facing the end of the road, Kelso Fire Station. Carrying on down Bowmont Street, you will pass the Baptist Church, Albert and Victoria Places on the left, and the 'back' entrance to the Bus Station on the right, before coming to the Library. Opposite and just below the Library is Brisbane Place, now redeveloped, which was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane from Makerstoun, who became Governor of New South Wales in 1821. On the opposite corner is the former Trinity North Church. At this point you can either follow the road along to the roundabout near the Tait Hall and Grove House, where you turn right back along Horsemarket to the Square, or bear half right through 'The Dardanelles' back to the Square. Grove House was the site of Kelso Grammar School from 1877 until 1939, when the present High School building was opened.

This virtual tour of the town can only give an impression; there is no substitute for actually coming to see what is one of the most pleasant places in a very pleasant area.

The Golf Course

Kelso High School

The Health Centre

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