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Walking in Kelso

Scottish Walks

Kelso Abbey, Rennie's Bridge and Beyond

A signposted walk to Roxburgh along the side of the River Teviot, starts further along this main road, the A699, beyond the entrance to Springwood Caravan Park and Retirement Village. Suitable footwear is needed for this walk, so, if not properly clad, about turn and return to the end of Kelso Bridge. To the right, at the foot of the hill up to Maxwellheugh, are the gates to the entrance of the old Springwood Estate, the Douglas Gates, bearing the red heart of the Douglas family. Opposite, down the steps will take you into Bridgend Park. Formerly the town rubbish dump, this is now a pleasant and colourful space, particularly in springtime, when the cherries are in full bloom. Following the path through the park will lead to a long flight of steps up to the new Millennium Viewpoint. (Following the footpath on the roadway round the park will take you to the same point, but avoiding the steps.)

Springwood Caravan Park

The Douglas Gates

Millennium Viewpoint

The Maxwellheugh Viewpoint gives an excellent view over Bridgend Park and Rennie's Bridge to the town skyline. If you carry on up the hill, you will come to Station Road, where the Kelso Station once was, and the Pinnaclehill Industrial Estate. Turning right along the Jedburgh Road, will bring you to the site of the former Kelso Cottage Hospital, and further on to the Ambulance Station. Returning through Bridgend Park and back over the Bridge takes you back to Bridge Street. Before the first house over the bridge, turn right down onto the riverside walk at Mayfield. On the far side of the river, below the steep banking is Maccus'wiel, the fishing pool after which Maxwellheugh was named. Following the path along leads to a carpark next to the entrance of the Klondyke Garden Centre. The garden centre, in addition to the normal facilities, has a very pleasant cafeteria and toilet facilities. Passing the short roadway leading to the garden centre, takes you up to the Knowes car park.

View over Bridgend Park

Pinnaclehill Industrial Estate

Klondyke Garden Centre

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