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Walking in Kelso

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Kelso Abbey, Rennie's Bridge and Beyond

Beyond the gates is St Andrew's Episcopal Church, which was built in 1869. It was designed by Sir Rowland Anderson, the important Victorian church designer and architect who was also responsible for the McEwen Hall of Edinburgh University. Beyond the church is a short row, known as Belmount Place. To the right and down the path, there is a view point for the Bridge and the site of the river level marker. Returning to Bridge Street, you pass the premises which were, from 1866, the base for the Croall family's business as coachbuilders and, later, motor sales, servicing and petrol. The garage moved to the industrial estate in 1996, the site being used for a new housing development, Rennie Court.

Continuing on, you come to the Toll House at the end of Rennie's Bridge. Although appearing to be a single storey house, there are also two floors below bridge level. Scratch marks on the coping stone of the Bridge are said to have been made by the impatient and unhappy while waiting to pay the dues. As the dues were meant to cover the repayment of the cost of the construction of the bridge, but were continued long after repayment had been completed, locals resented this continuing tax and rioted. The Riot Act was read and a full scale riot declared. This did eventually lead to the cessation of the toll, but not for some time.

The Toll House

St Andrews Episcopal Church

Floors Castle in the distance

From the bridge, you get a fine view up the river, past the Junction Pool, along the Cobby to Floors Castle in the distance. On the bridge itself, are lampposts which came from Waterloo Bridge, which was built as a larger scale version of Kelso Bridge. Turning right, over the Bridge, is a pleasant walk to the Junction Pool, where the River Teviot joins the River Tweed. Recent work there has included the installation of an information board and a seat, where you can watch the salmon fishers and boatmen at work, in season. This pool is reckoned to be one of the best on the Tweed, and in Scotland.

Junction Pool

The Seat

Information Board

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