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Friends of Kelso Library welcome Bill Smith

Friends of Kelso Library hosted a well-attended event on Wednesday 15th March 2006, when Bill Smith gave a very interesting talk entitled "Get a life": Biography for beginners. Bill who attended Hawick High School, started work with the British Linen Bank in Hawick before moving to Kelso and then to Edinburgh. Later he moved to London to work for Fleming’s bank, where during the latter part of his career he was in charge of the Art Collection.

Bill has written several books which have been published, including one on the Fleming family. During his talk Bill passed on useful tips such as how to begin to write biography. Most of the work is done in the pre - writing research stage and of this 90% is frustration and 10% elation, it is that useful nugget of information that makes it all worthwhile.

He still has close links with members of the Fleming family and its Scottish Art collection in London.

After answering questions from the audience, Bill was presented with a bowl of hyacinths by Isobel Nichol who gave the vote of thanks.

Friends of Kelso Library welcome Bill Smith, Scotland

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