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Be Safe at Christmas

It’s been a big year for Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and we just wanted to get in touch to wish everyone a happy and safe festive period.

Here are some quick reminders about safety over the festive period, along with links to other sources of information.

Safe & Secure
• Make your house look occupied if you’re out and about.
• Always close and lock all doors and windows when leaving the house.
• Keep presents out of sight and try not to openly display boxes when you put out your rubbish/recycling after Christmas.
• Always remain in your car when de-icing it – never leave it unattended with the keys in the ignition.
• Turn Christmas lights off at night and if you’re going out.
• Although it’s a busy time for everyone, please remember to stop and think if someone calls at your door or on the phone and is looking for personal or bank details.
Visit your local Police Force's website for further information.

Stay safe on nights out
The festivities bring lots of opportunities to go out and have fun. Planning ahead can give you peace of mind and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable night out. Charge your mobile phone and make sure you have credit. Look after keys, mobile phones and other portable valuables. Try to stay with friends or colleagues during the evening and, if possible, share transport home.

Visit the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website for more personal safety tips.

Be prepared for wintry weather
• Wrap up warm when you’re out and about.
• When planning long distance car journeys keep a pack of emergency supplies in the boot of your car i.e. a blanket, warm clothes, torch and food
• Make sure you have supplies at home which will help you in the event of a power cut.
Visit Ready Scotland for tips on creating an emergency plan and developing an emergency kit.

Spare a thought for others
Please remember those people who may be spending the festive period alone or with very few visitors. Perhaps you could share some of this information with them and keep an eye out to make sure they are okay, particularly in bad weather.

Have a very happy and safe festive season and we'll be in touch in the New Year.

Be Safe at Christmas, Scotland

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