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Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club, Results & News

Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club Membership

Membership Membership of Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club is 20 per year (Seniors) and 5 (juniors (16 - 18) and Juveniles(under 16). The benefits of becoming a member include: 10% discount on accessories, spares and repairs at Simon Porteous Cycles, 30 Bridge St., Kelso Special Wheelers winter membership option available at Abbey Fitness Centre, Unit 7, Abbotsford court, Kelso. Call on 0 ... [more]


Kelso Wheelers Contacts

Membership Membership Secretary Robert Norris Mertoun Gardens Cottage St Boswells, TD6 0EA Forms also available from Simon Porteous Cycles, Bridge Street, Kelso Mountain Biking and Off Road Cycling Kev Welsh 07919285887 or Kevin Welsh Time Trials Kenny Wilson on 07977984077 or Kenny Wilson Road Runs Rob Ure 07771274015 or Robert Ure Youth Cycle Coaching Ian McKenzie 07838841 ... [more]


Kelso Wheelers Time Trial Rules and Courses

Kelso Wheelers Time Trial Rules The rules for all riders participating in Kelso Wheelers Time Trials are as follows: Entry is confined to club members plus any invitees who are not members of another cycling club and who have been invited to participate with a view to joining Kelso Wheelers. Please sign in at least 20 minutes before the start time. Only the first 25 riders will be allo ... [more]


Kelso Wheelers Time Trial Calendar 2018

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS HIGHLIGHTED DAY DATE START TIME EVENT COURSE THUR April 05 6:30 pm 5 MILE TT KELSO to BIRGHAM THUR April 12 6:30 pm 10 MILE TT BIRGHAM THUR April 19 6:30 pm 10 MILE 2UP BIRGHAM THUR April 26 7:00 pm 12 MILE TT ORANGE LANE THUR May 03 7:00 pm 20 MILE TT St BOSWELLS THUR May 10 7:00 pm BT Round 1 HAWICK THUR May 17 7:00 pm 10 ... [more]


Taster Time Trial Nights

TASTER TIME TRIAL NIGHTS. These would take place on the last Thursday of each month (April to August). This would be the time to try new courses or events. Some of the courses suggested so far have been:- Mid-season 5 TT Kelso Tri Cycle Route Orange Lane 10 Kelso Fireburnmill Orange Lane Kelso Kelso Kalemouth Morebattle Yetholm Kelso Nothing is set in stone yet, decisions on ... [more]


Kelso Wheelers Committee and Membership 2014

Membership Secretary for 2014 is Colin Dumma. Membership forms should be returned to : Colin Dumma Struanbank 13 Sprouston Road, Kelso TD5 8EU ... [more]


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Last update: 03/04/2018

Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club, Results & News

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