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Debra Martin – Primary Coordinator
07786 312 524

Marianne O’Brien - Secondary Coordinator
07917 267 238
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Active Schools

Active Schools was launched by the Scottish Government in 2004. Since then Active Schools has spread across several local authorities across Scotland and has seen several developments since its launch. Active Schools Scottish Borders currently have 7 primary coordinators working throughout the region covering all local primary schools and 4 secondary coordinators covering all of the secondary schools. Debra Martin is the new primary coordinator for Kelso, covering all 6 Kelso area primary schools and Marianne O’Brien works within the secondary school.

The fundamental aim of Active Schools is to offer all children and young people the opportunities and motivation to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, now and into adulthood. Active Schools Coordinators are responsible for planning and coordinating programmes of physical activity and sport within their schools.

They do this by recruiting, supporting and sustaining a network of volunteers, coaches, leaders and teachers who in turn deliver physical activity and sport before, during and after school and in the wider community. Active Schools Coordinators also coordinate programmes of sports and physical activities during school holiday times providing the opportunity for young children to stay active during the holiday period.

Volunteers sit at the heart of the work of Active Schools. Without their support, the majority of Active Schools activities couldn't happen, volunteers are also the key to ensuring that activities are sustainable. We are looking for volunteers to help with the delivery of Active School activities and sports. If you are a teacher, additional school staff, a parent, a coach, a young person, club member or other volunteer, we need your support. You can volunteer as an activity leader, an assistant, a driver, and administrator or just to give up some time to support the delivery of a programme by ensuring there is enough adult supervision. Active Schools can provide training and support for all volunteers. Watch out for the launch of the Active Schools Training Programme. If you are interested in volunteering for Active Schools please contact Debra for Primary Opportunities and Marianne for Secondary.

Active Schools is looking to build links within the wider community of Kelso in order to allow pupils to continue developing their sporting experience outside of school. If you get your club linked with Active Schools, we can provide your club with the opportunity to come into all the local schools and deliver taster sessions. The pupils will get to experience the sport you offer and get to know some of the club members or coaches. These taster sessions will then also allow the club to signpost interested pupils to their club training sessions, increasing your clubs junior section. Active Schools will be happy to advertise your junior club opportunity. Get in touch to link your club with Active Schools

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