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Kelso Scottish Borders

Kelso's Sphere of Influence - the villages round about

All of the villages were, once, the centres for the surrounding farming communities. They had a church, a school, a post office, a shop and a village hall. Many had a library in the hall and a telephone exchange. Going into Kelso was a weekly event - to do the major shopping or to go to the cinema; the village hall being the centre of entertainment for the other events, particularly the dancing and the whist drives. Youth clubs flourished, as did men's clubs, the guilds and the rurals. Today, many villages have shrunk to little more than the houses in which people sleep. Schools have gone, post offices and shops have closed, halls struggle to survive, and the weekly church service is a thing of the past.

So it is to Kelso that they have to look for the support that used to be within the village - the schooling, the medical and postal services and the shopping; so-called entertainment coming from the box in the corner of the room. The villages need Kelso and Kelso needs them.










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