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Ednam Churchyard

The Grave of James Dickson

James Dickson

James Dickson was born in 1712 in the village of Stichill. As a young man, he was suspected of vandalising the pantwell or drinking fountain in Kelso Square and ran away to avoid the retribution of the locals. He reappeared in London, where he made his fortune as a merchant, before returning to his roots.

In 1761, he acquired an estate at Ednam. He drained the very boggy land - many of the 'peateries' belonging to Kelso Abbey were at Ednam - built new houses, and set up a weaving mill, a bleachfield and a brewery. He then used his profits to build Havannah House, now Ednam House, and the Cross Keys Hotel in Kelso Square. Havannah Court leads to the Ednam Room today. He also had plans to build a canal all the way to Berwick to allow easier access to the sea for materials and goods. This, however, came to nought. James Dickson died in 1771 and is buried in Ednam Churchyard.

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