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Alistair Moffat

Born in Kelso in 1950, Alistair attended Kelso High School before studying at St Andrew's and London Universities, gaining an MA (Hons) and MPhil. He was the Administrator of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 1976 - 1981, before joining Scottish Television as Arts Correspondent in 1981. He remained with the media group, filling various posts, before leaving to become a freelance writer and producer in the mid - 1990's. He now writes and produces books and programmes about Borders' History. He has written 'The Edinburgh Fringe', 'Kelsae' - a history of his hometown, 'Remembering Charles Rennie Mackintosh', 'Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms' - a fascinating study of King Arthur, and 'The Borders' - an in-depth study of the history of the Borders.

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