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Waverley Cottage,
Home of Sir Walter Scott's Aunt & Uncle

Swans Shoe Shop

People of Note Associated with The Town

James Ballantyne, who had been at Kelso High School with Walter Scott, was a solicitor in Kelso. In 1796, he took over the editing and printing of the 'Kelso Mail'. [more.....]

Horatius Bonar was born in Edinburgh in 1808 and was educated at the High School and the University of Edinburgh. He was ordained as Minister of Kelso North Parish Church, in 1837. [more.....]

Margaret McLeod Black was born in 1912, educated at Kelso High and Edinburgh University, and devoted her life to education. [more.....]

Sir William Scott Brown was born in 1890 and educated at Kelso High School, Gordons college Aberdeen and later University of Aberdeen. [more.....]

Very Rev Dr John Burleigh was born at Ednam in 1894 and educated at Kelso High School and Watson's College, Edinburgh. [more.....]

Very Rev David Smith Cairns The son of the Stichill minister, David attended Ednam Primary School and Kelso High before going to Edinburgh University, United Presbyterian College and Marburg University. [more.....]

Very Rev Archibald Craig was born in 1888 and was a son of the manse. His education at Kelso High School , Edinburgh University and New College, was interrupted by the First World War. [more.....]

James Dickson was born in 1712 in the village of Stichill. As a young man, he was suspected of vandalising the pantwell or drinking fountain in Kelso Square and ran away to avoid the retribution of the locals. [more.....]

Sir George Brisbane Douglas, Bart. Although born in Gibraltar, and educated at Harrow and Cambridge, the association with Kelso developed when he inherited the title from his late father in 1885. [more.....]

Sir William Fairbairn was a civil engineer of international repute. Born in Kelso in 1789, he was a pioneer in the use of iron in bridge construction. [more.....]

William Glass was founder of the Remotest Community in the World. Born William Glasgow in Kelso on 11th May 1786. [more.....]

Professor Ian G Halliday was born in 1940, and attended Kelso High School and Perth Academy before going to Edinburgh University where he graduated MA in 1961, MSc 1962 and gained a PhD at Clare College, Cambridge in 1964. [more.....]

Paul Knox, nephew of John Knox Scottish Reformer, was Minister of Kelso Old Parish Church from 1574 to 1576. [more.....]

Sir Henry James Sumner Maine was a leading jurist and developer of the legal system. Born in 1822, he pioneered the study of comparative law and anthropological jurisprudence. [more.....]

Alistair Moffat was born in Kelso in 1950 and attended Kelso High School before studying at St Andrew's and London Universities, gaining an MA (Hons) and MPhil. He was the Administrator of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 1976 - 1981, before joining Scottish Television as Arts Correspondent in 1981. [more.....]

William Murdock was responsible for the development of the use of coal gas as a means of lighting. Although not a Kelso man, his invention was first tried out by lighting a house in Bridge Street. [more.....]

Henry Maurice Dunlop Nicoll was born in Kelso in 1884 and became a leading Harley Street consultant and Jungian analyst. [more.....]

William Henry (WH) Ogilvie was born at Holefield, Kelso in 1869 and attended Fettes College, Edinburgh. He then went to Australia at the age of twenty and spent eleven years there, sampling life on a sheep station. [more.....]

Thomas Pringle was born at Blakelaw, Kelso on 5th January 1789. He attended Kelso Grammar School and Edinburgh University. [more.....]

Lady Jean Pirie (nee Nichol) Jean Nichol was the second daughter of Robert Nichol and his first wife, Elizabeth Dickson, and was born at Kelso on 23 August 1788. [more.....]

Sir William Purves was born in Kelso in 1931. He attended Kelso High School before entering a life in banking where he was to become a household name throughout the banking world and the Far East, in particular. [more.....]

Sir Walter Scott attended Kelso Grammar School for a period of six months during 1783, when he stayed with his aunt, Janet. [more.....]

Margaret Skea grew up in Ulster during the Troubles, but has lived in the Scottish Borders for over twenty-five years. [more.....]

Professor Robert Allan Smith was in Kelso in May 1909, and was educated at the Universities of Edinburgh, Cambridge and St Andrews. He was an expert in the field of Wave Theory. [more.....]

James Thomson was born in Ednam in 1700. He was soon moved to Jedburgh with his parents. [more.....]

Jennie Kidd Trout (nee Gowanlock) April 21, 1841 - November 10, 1921) was the first woman in Canada legally to become a medical doctor. [more.....]

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