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Waiting for a pilot

The Cheviot hills

Reach for the sky

Borders Gliding Club

Milfield Airfield
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The Borders Gliding club has been active in the Wooler area since 1969. We fly from the site of an old WWII airfield at Milfield, and have recently moved into modern premises with facilities that allow access for people with disabilities, and have double glazed, heated bunk rooms for people who want to stay at the club for flying weeks. We have regular visitors from Southern clubs taking advantage of all year round soaring.

The aim of the club is to offer good soaring for glider pilots. The Cheviot hills allow us to fly all year, with some members even flying on Christmas day !

The hills generate interesting local weather phenomena, allowing us to soar to heights of 26,000 feet, and stay airborne for over 5 hours at a time. We offer Air Experience flights to try out gliding first hand, with the opportunity to take control under the watchful eye of a fully qualified instructor. Some people do it once and enjoy the experience, others are hooked and join the club and learn to fly in our modern fleet of high tech sailplanes, joining an elite band of soaring pilots. The views can be stunning, and the local scenery when viewed from the air well worth a visit.

It's not as expensive as you think. Have a look at our web site for further details. Be warned, your weekends may never be the same again !

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