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Kelso Civic Week 2018 - Official Disclaimer

Kelso Laddies Association have issued the following statement:

To all taking part in or observing common ridings and festivals in the Scottish Borders

Whilst every care has been taken by the organising committee
and relevant landowners in facilitating these events, the committee and landowners will not be responsible for any injury to any person taking part in any way whatsoever nor liable for any damage resulting in any acts or omissions of any participants or spectators.

It is the responsibility of those taking part, or their legal guardians in the case of minors, to ensure that participants have appropriate and adequate insurance cover for personal injury and third party liability cover and that they take all reasonable steps to ensure their own safe participation in the events. In particular, in relation to equestrian events, they are advised to ensure that both they and their mount are suitable and competent and that riders wear appropriate protective clothing, including headgear.

Please note that the organising committee reserve the right to refuse any person from participating in the events.

Whilst permission has been granted for the cavalcade to cross over farm land, the Kelso Laddies Association regret that no such consent has been granted by landowners for bicycles to follow horses through the fields. Should cyclists wish to follow they should keep to surrounding roads.

Kelso Civic Week 2018 - Official Disclaimer, Scotland

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