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Minute of the Friends of Kelso Library Committee Meeting of 17th April 2012

Friends of Kelso Library Committee Meeting

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Present:- Ruth Holmes, Hazel Woodsell, Isobel Nichol, Ken Nichol, Peter Handley ,
Moira Lyall.

Apologies:- None

Minutes of Previous Meeting:-

The Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted as a true record. Proposed by –
Peter Handley and Seconded by – Ken Nichol

Changes to Constitution:-

The Constitution -
Ruth reported that she had take the proposed amendments forward to Heather Batsch, the Lead person at the Community & Voluntary Sector Support Group, for approval.
Heather had made a few suggestions for further amendment copies of which Ruth tabled. The committee accepted these changes with the exception of a change of grammar in the section headed up Meetings item c) where the word less should be substituted by fewer.
Ruth will make the necessary amendments and forward a copy to ‘Awards for All’

Cheque Signatories -
The Bank forms were completed so that Peter, Isobel and Moira would act as cheque signatories with any 2 of 3 signatories signing individual cheques.
Ruth agreed to take the required paperwork to the Bank to complete the arrangements.

Report on the ‘Sally Magnusson’ Event:-
It was generally agreed that the event had been very successful. A full statement on the income and expenditure would be submitted as soon all of the bills had been paid and bank deposits recorded. However it was expected the there would be a profit of approximately £750.00
Ruth confirmed that the anonoymous donor, who had funded most of the costs of staging the event, had stipulated that the profits were to be used to fund future events.

Following a discussion it wall as agreed that a local noted author would be a bigger crowd puller. It was therefore agreed that Ruth would contact Alistair Moffat to discuss availability etc.
It was agreed that the next event would not take place before Autumn 2012.

Arrangements for AGM:-
Committee -
Ruth reminded the committee that she would be resigning the role of Chairman for operational reasons. The committee all expressed their regret for this decision and thanked Ruth for all the work she has done on behalf of the friends of Kelso Library.
Isobel Nichol agreed to be nominated for the position of Chairman.
Isobel, Peter and Moira agreed to continue as cheque signatories
Moira agreed to continue as Joint Treasurer with Peter as Assistant Treasurer
Hazel agreed to continue as Secretary
Ken agreed to continue as a Committee Member
Ivy to be contacted to invite her to continue as a committee member.

In view of the impending changes relating to the Contact Centre/Library Integrated Service it was noted that it may be necessary to co-opt 2 further members on to the committee. It was agreed that this would be raised at the AGM.

Date of AGM-
The date was agreed as Tuesday 24th July 2012 at 7.00pm

Accounts –
Hazel agreed to arrange for Alan Hall to inspect the accounts as usual

Any other Business:-
1. Writers Forum – Tuesday 25th April.
Ruth confirmed that there were still 2 places left for this event.
Isobel agreed to provide Teas/Coffee etc for all attending.
Hazel gave her apologies.

2. Future Events
It was agreed that following on from the social events held last Summer and at Xmas another event would be held in June.
Date – Wednesday 13th June 2012 at 2.30pm
Title – Tea in the Library Garden
A meeting was arranged for Tuesday 29th May at 7.00pm to finalise the

Additional Item added to Agenda

Proposed Layout of Library Building
Ruth tabled a set of the Plans for the Library building which are deemed necessary to accommodate the Integrated Contact Centre and Library.
Following a discussion it was agreed that individual comments would be submitted by each of the committee and that Hazel would circulate the members with the information received from the Council.
Members would be invited also to make individual comments.

Date of Next Meeting:-
Tuesday 29th May 2012 at 7.00pm - Planning Meeting for Tea in the Library Garden.

Tuesday 24th July 2012 at 7.00pm - AGM

Minute of the Friends of Kelso Library Committee Meeting of 17th April 2012 , Scotland

Kelso Scotland, Scottish Borders UK