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Kelso Songs

Kelsae Bonnie Kelsae
There's a fine auld toon in the Borderland,
By the sides o' the banks o' Tweed,
Where the salmon leap on the silver strand,
And the game and the cattle feed.

There are beauties rare in that lovely scene,
In the valley o' the Tweed,
And she sits right there, as the Border Queen,
Mid the hill and the vale and the mead.

Her days of strife and war are gone,
Now the Border Feuds are past,
Yet our Kelso's sons we will praise anon,
And their fame shall for ever last.

Then let us all with heart and voice,
Sing the praise of Kelso's name,
We will work and play, and aye rejoice,
That "Kelsae is oor Hame".

Kelso Laddies
The Kelso Laddies, Hurrah, Hurrah,
Wa' their Blue Bonnets, Sae Braw, Sae Braw,
They are up on their horses, awa', awa',
Tae Yetholm's fair village tae gie them a ca'.

The Kelso Laddies, Hurrah, Hurrah,
Wa' their Blue Bonnets, Sae Braw, Sae Braw,
They are up on their horses, awa', awa',
The Kelso Laddies, Hurrah, Hurrah.

Ye Kelso Laddies, Sae Braw, Sae Braw,
Dae richt and ye ne'er will hae a fa'
Fear Nocht, and ye'll no hae a care a'va,
Ye can haud up yer heids abune them a'.

The Kelso Laddies, awa', awa',
Are comin' hame frae the hills afar,
Let's gie them a welcome, Sae Braw, Sae Braw,
The Kelso Laddies, Hurrah, Hurrah.

Gallant Chiels O' Kelsae
Gather ye lads that follow the plough,
Gather ye lads that herd on the main.
Come to the banner, come bright and early,
The Kelso Laddies are marching again.

Hark ye gallant chiels o' Kelsae'
Dance and sing your cares away
Drink a toast - a bright tomorrow,
Never, never dread that day.

Lassies ye come with laughter and colour,
Come in your kit and your bonnets o' blue,
Frisking and jinking and cares left behind you,
Hailsome and blythsome and cuddlesome too.

Mount and make me ready, steady go forward,
Up Wooden entries and round Lurdenlaw.
View from the hilltop, hear the cock pheasant,
Down past the auld kirk and through Hoselaw.

Hold for the Venchen, there to draw rein,
View to the for'rd, round to the wake,
Think of the youngsters, think o' the elders.
Think o' the horses for pity's sake.

There lies auld Yetholm and hills of the Borders,
Close by the Bowmont that flows sweetly by,
There, with the stories that sleeps in good order
We're ready today to do or to die.

Toast and song - and now for the Forest,
Oer Linton Hill with its heather-capped heid,
Horses are lathered and flanks are a-foaming,
With the keen Border spirit in the lead.

Then on to Heiton, a cheer from auld Bowman,
A strong, sound supporter, as his father before,
Border ways, and history, and poetry
Love of tradition for evermore.

Kelso Civic Week

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